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a playlist for relaxing

breezeblocks- alt-j; i can’t make you love me- bon iver; 9 crimes- damien rice; halo- ane brun; american beauty- london music works; firefly- ed sheeran; only love- ben howard; landfill- daughter; river flows in you- yiruma; slow it down- the lumineers; don’t panic- coldplay; rihannon- fleetwood mac; hallelujah- jeff buckley; yayo- lana del rey; the arctic light- marika takeuchi; wake me up- ed sheeran; lucky- jason mraz; black bird- sarah mclauchlan; ordinary people- john legend; american- lana del rey; banana panckakes- jack johnson; all of me- john legend; after the stormmumford and sons; asleep- the smiths; the greatest- cat power; bloom- the paper kites

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